specialist residential service supporting
looked after children and young people

Welcome to Connecting Hands Childrens Services

Connecting hands is a specialist residential service supporting looked after children and young people aged between 8 and 18 years old who have experienced trauma and disruption within their lives.

As a result, our young people have emotional and behavioural difficulties, these may manifest themselves as a whole range of behaviours and emotions which they, as young people have not yet learnt to be able to regulate and our mission is to support them to be able to do so.

Established in its current form in 2017, the service offers care and accommodation to young people who may display challenging behaviours and present with other complex needs such as sexualised behaviours, trauma from experiencing childhood abuse or sexual exploitation. We also have a dedicated service for children with a learning Disability.

What we do know is that most of our young people as a result of their early experiences have some form of attachment disorder and so we ensure that our staff understand what this can manifest itself as in later years and how to support young people to form positive and healthy attachments.

Connecting Hands Children Services its a family business with over 20 years experience in Health and Social care industry.

creating opportunities for new futures

New developments for 2021

Coming soon! The Violet- Noel Centre
Connecting Hands Children’s Services has committed to driving excellence in 2021 and developing educational opportunities tailored to the needs of young people who struggle in mainstream systems. We will be developing our purpose built education centre alongside a hub of small residential homes. The school will be offering up to 25 places for our young people and bespoke education packages. Tune in to our social media for updates through the months as the build gets underway!

Our Service

We support young people in the community within small residential homes of no more than 5 beds .We have a solo occupancy home, homes for just 2 young people and for up to 5 young people. Each of our homes has a unique character and décor and its own discrete staff team.

There are sensory/chill zones in two of the homes and two have ground floor rooms. All bedrooms are single occupancy and some offer en-suite bathrooms. All our homes are developed to fit in to the local community. This offers Children and young people a safe and secure place to reside without the attention.

We also are able to offer transition through 16+ and independence work with a dedicated step down support package for our young people. We work with a high ratio of staffing to ensure young people are safe and well cared for. Staffing levels are reviewed throughout each child’s placement to support individual safety, quality-of-life and progress towards independence.

Our Vision

We have a vision that every child who lives with us at Connecting Hands has the opportunity to develop their best potential, to fulfil realistic dreams and ambitions and live in a safe, nurturing and learning environment.

We believe that we need to work hand in hand with all those involved in the child life to support them and their development. We offer a truly integrated package of support, working closely with families and placing authorities to understand and harness the positive potential in every young person. We want every young person in our care to feel safe, know their worth, set and achieve personal goals and gain the skills and resilience to be the best they can be!